Help – it’s magic

Don’t throw away those used printer ink cartridges and mobile phones – bring them to
Embrace and we can turn them into money!

Did you know that more than 60 million used ink cartridges are replaced in UK every
year, and 50 million of these are just thrown away in waste?

Yet even a single used ink cartridge is worth £1 to us – just drop yours into our
recycling box at the Embrace Centre and the unwanted items can be converted into
much needed funds to further our work with autistic and disabled children.

If you can’t get into the centre, just contact us and we can send you an envelope to
send them free of charge to the recycle centre, and we will still receive our donation.

Our box can’t accept laser toner cartridges, but you can still dispose of these through and if you quote our Charity ID (C76553) they will
donate the rebated amount to Embrace.

So, your used ink cartridges can help us improve the lives of needy children and
families throughout East Sussex.

But don’t stop there!
Unwanted mobiles are even more valuable. If you are an average household, you are
likely to have a few old mobiles around. Money Supermarket estimates that the
average UK person has at least two old mobiles and their total recycle value is a
staggering £1.4 billion!

So, drop your old mobiles into our box, and we can raise up to £70 for every one (the
average value is £25)

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