Corporate fundraising

Working with us opens up a huge range of opportunities and benefits to both your organisation and ours

A number of corporates prefer to donate time to charities these days and where we can accommodate, we enjoy having teams come in to rejuvenate our communal areas. There is also an option to take part in corporate volunteering at events or offering a taster work experience for any of our young people.

We offer great online fundraising opportunities for our corporate teams, these can be tailored to meet your teams goals for each fundraiser, virtual relays / marathons to online quiz and silly auctions, we have lots of fun ideas!

Fundraising for or taking part in a volunteer challenge for our centre encourages your staff to work together in a different and positive way. Whatever you decide to take part in, you will be making a valuable contribution towards our work.

By supporting our work, your organisation can generate an extremely positive PR message for both internal and external audiences.

Please support us!

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