Local disabled children are discriminated against on a daily basis in East Sussex, many of them are excluded from schools and forced into home schooling because they cannot access local schools like other children can due to their disabilities. Children that cannot speak are being deprived of speech and language therapy, children that cannot write are not receiving access to Occupational Therapy. Children that should be in special schools are being told there are no places for them.

These children can be wheelchair bound, have autism, dyslexia, ADHD, Tourette’s, Downs Syndrome or any disability. It is heart breaking to see their low self esteem and isolation at the ages of 7 or 8 years old when their biggest worry should be whether Father Christmas will bring them a Paw Patrol Pup or Thomas the Tank Engine. Many of these children develop severe anxiety and depression, many of their parents do too.

Learning disabled children, if their needs are not met will not receive a proper education. Research shows these children are likely to develop poor independence and life skills, most will not be capable of work, some may turn to crime. Others will struggle with shopping, cooking, self-care and live isolated and lonely lives. Many will become adults that are unable to read, write or count if we don’t support them now.

The families we help need legal services, but there is now little available by way of legal aid and a lawyer can cost anything between £150 to £300 per hour plus VAT. So our parents go without legal representation and are not given the information they need to fight for their children’s rights.

The Embrace Advocacy Service is a free independent legal service run by trained lawyers. We help the parents of disabled children file appeals for educational help, fill out forms and represent them at hearings and meetings with the Local Authority. Our advocates are trained and experienced in disability and special educational needs law. With our help children can get the help they need to have an education and a better life.

Our lawyers volunteer their time to help these children. Often working full time hours around their family lives. However the advocacy service is still expensive to run. You can help us with this. You can become an Embrace Friend.

Embrace has a choice of five Embrace friend packages you can pick from to support these children and help give them a better start in life:-

Embrace Bronze Friend £3 Per Month
Embrace Silver Friend £5 Per Month
Embrace Gold Friend £10 Per Month
Embrace Platinum Friend £15 Per Month
Embrace Titanium Friend £15 + per Month

How do I sign up?

To sign up, please go to our Just giving page and select “Make a monthly donation” and input the amount you wish to donate. Please then email rebeccawhippy.embrace@gmail.com to inform me you have signed up and we will do the rest.

What are the benefits of becoming an “Embrace Friend”

Support a local charity

Help children and their families

Be recognised on our social media and website, if you so wish.

Receive entry to our law courses such as SEN Law for Mummies and Daddies and the Insiders Guide.

Entry to our Early years and Parent Support Group!

Support from our Advocacy Service including filing appeals, liaison with local bodies, representation at hearings and meetings and telephone consultations.

Most importantly you will be helping us to fight for the disabled children of East Sussex to give them a voice and change their lives.

Please sign up today by clicking HERE

Embrace has now set up a Just Giving page where you are able to donate to our wonderful charity and help support us. Funding can be very hard to find and acquire especially as there are so many other charities out there. So with your help we can keep providing the services and support you and other families need, in and around East Sussex.